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Guild Papers by Catalogue Number


Anderton, M., Shearer, A. Guild of Pastoral Psychology: a Historical Portrait, 1990    
Guild Spring Conference Paradox and Opposites in Politics and Analytical Psychology, 1977    
Kyle, W. The History of The Guild of Pastoral Psychology, 1969    
Lee, M.(ed.) Guide to the Guild Pamphlets, 1987    
Oxford Conference, 1975. Resurrection, 1975    
Kirsch, J. Religious Aspects of the Unconscious, 1939 1  
Peacey,W. H. Pastoral Psychology and the Gospel, 1939 2  
Westmann, H. The Old Testament and Analytical Psychology, 1939 3  
Fordham, M. The Analysis of Children, 1939 4  
Adler, G. Consciousness and Cure, 1963 5  
Jacoby, H.J. Changes of Character Produced by Religious Conversion as shown in Changes of Handwriting 6  
Kitchin, K. The Third Reich: A Plea for the Guardian Angel 7  
Slade, P. The Value of Drama in Religion, Education and Therapy, 1940 8  
Various Members Autumn, 1940 9  
Westmann, H. The Golden Calf, 1941 10  
Woods, C.E. The Psychology of Sin, 1941 11  
S.W.London Pastoral Centre Technique 1, 1941 12  
S.W.London Pastoral Centre Technique 2, 1941 13  
Boyd, F. Technique, 1941 14  
Dossetor, R.F. Gawain and the Green Knight, 1942 15  
Various Members The Analytic Function, 1942 16  
Matland, A.M. Pastoral Psychology, 1942 17  
Peacey,W. H. Patterns, 1942 18  
White,V. Frontiers of Theology and Psychology, 1942 19  
Segal, A. Art and Psychology, 1942 20  
Howe,E.G. War the Healer, 1943 21  
Howe, E.G. Baldhead, 1943 22  
Collard, P. The Ring and The Lamp, 1943 23  
Lander, K.F. A Map of the Psyche, 1943 24  
Lucas, P. D. Wuthering Heights, 1943 25  
Howe, E.G. The Spiritual Approach to Medical Psychology, 1943 26  
Layard, J. Incarnation and Instinct, 1944 27  
Collier, H.E. The Place of Worship in Modern Medicine, 1944 28  
Witcutt,W. P. The Child in Paradise, 1944 29  
Various Members Miscellany 1, 1944 30  
White, V. Walter Hilton: an English Spiritual Guide, 1944 31  
Lander, K F. The Anima, 1944 32  
Gledhill, R. Ilonds Their Use and Value in Diagnosis, 1944 33  
Various Members Miscellany II, 1945 34  
Kitchin, K. Matthew Arnold and the Scholar Gipsy, 1945 35  
Metman, P. The Problem of Essence and Form in Christianity, 1945 36  
Westmann, H. Economic Planning and the Uniqueness of Man, 1945 37  
Moore, W.T. Religious Education, 1945 38  
Zimmer, H R. Integrating the Evil: a Celtic Myth and a Christian Legend, 1943 39  
Duncan-Johnstone, L. A Psychological Study of William Blake, 1945 40  
Metman, E. The Green Snake and the Fair Lily, 1946 41  
Wolff, T. Christianity Within, 1946 42  
Adler, G. Psychology and the Atom Bomb, 1946 43  
Metman, P. Patterns of Initiation, 1946 44  
Kraemer, W.P. The Family Clinic, 1947 45  
Fordham, M. Analytical Psychology and Religious Experience, 1947 46  
Schaerf, R. King Saul and The Spirit of God, 1947 47  
Hone, M.E. Astrology in relation to Pastoral Psychology, 1947 48  
Metman, E. The Psychology of the Spirit, 1947 49  
Barker, C. Some Positive Values of Neurosis, 1947 50  
Hannah, B. The Problem of Women's Plots in 'The Evil Vineyard', 1948 51  
Bauman, C. Eugène N Maris and the Problem of the Animal Psyche, 1948 52  
Heider, W. Living Symbols in Literature, 1948 53  
Abenheimer, K M. The Problem of Individuation in Friedrich Nietzsche's Writings, 1948 54  
Hoppin, H. The Psychology of the Artist, 1948 55  
Howe, E.G. Psychotherapy and The Experience of Conversion, 1948 56  
Sumner, O. St John of the Cross and Modern Psychology, 1948 57  
Lambert, K. Psychology and Personal Relationships, 1949 58  
White, V. Notes on Gnosticism, 1949 59  
Bertine, E. Men and Woman, 1948 60  
Metman, P. Variations on the Theme of Man and Woman, 1949 61  
Neill, S. A Christian Approach to Psychology, 1949 62  
Sumner, O. St. John Climacus- The Psychology of The Desert Fathers, 1950 63  
Metman, P. Eros and Agape, 1950 64  
Buck, A.E. Group Psychology and Therapy, 1950 65  
Allenby, A.I. Relationship as Basis of the Religious Attitude, 1950 66  
Metman, P. Around and Beyond the Confines of Art, 1950 67  
Hannah, B. Victims of the Creative Spirit, 1950 68  
Curtis, M. Jung's Essay On The Transformation Symbol In The Mass, 1950 69  
Hannah, B. Problem of Contact with the Animus, 1951 70  
Metman, E. Woman and the Animus, 1951 71  
Abenheimer, K M. Re-Assessment of the Theoretical and Therapeutical Meaning of Anal Symbolism, 1951 72  
Evans, E. The Soul and Death, 1952 73  
Bach, H.J. C.G.Jung's 'Aion', 1952 74  
Allenby, A.I. Some Reflections on Having No Time, 1952 75  
Chaning-Pearce, M. The Conflict of Values, 1953 76  
Bach, H.J. C.G.Jung on 'Synchronicity', 1953 77  
Evans, E. An Assessment Of Jung's 'Answer To Job', 1953 78  
Evans, E. A Pilgrim's Way between Psychotherapy and Religion, 1954 79  
Jung, C G. The Symbolic Life, 1954 - MEMBERS ONLY 80  
Heydt, V. von der. Psychology and the Care of Souls, 1954 81  
Grant-Watson, E L. Some Aspects of Instinctive Life, 1954 82  
Metman, P. Some Reflections on the Meaning of Illness, 1954 83  
Allenby, A.I. Relationship and Healing , 1954 84  
Hannah, B. Ego And Shadow, 1955 85  
Martin, D.V. A Community Approach to Healing, 1955 86  
Henderson, J L. Analytical Psychology and Education, 1956 87  
Howes, E.B. Analytical Psychology and the Synoptic Gospels, 1956 88  
Castillejo, I de. What Do We Mean By Love? 1955 89  
Palmer, J. Relationships, 1956 90  
Allenby, A.I. Jung's Contribution to the Religious Problem of Our Time, 1956 91  
Heydt, V. von der. On The Parent Archetype, 1957 92  
Hobson, R F. Hell, 1957 93  
Mountford, E G. The Yes and No of the Psyche, 1957 94  
Bloom, A. Asceticism, 1957 95  
Dossetor, F. The Third Horizon, 1957 96  
Raine, K. Poetry in relation to Traditional Wisdom, 1957 97  
Kraemer, W.P. The Neurotic Alternative, 1957 98  
Castillejo, I de. Levels of Responsibility, 1958 99  
Campbell, P. Depth Psychology and Marriage, 1958 100  
Castillejo, I de. Dilemma Of Levels, 1959 101  
Mackworth, J. Some Reflections on the Self and God in Sickness and in Maturity, 1959 102  
Slade, P. Drama Therapy as an Aid to Becoming a Person, 1959 103  
Hardie, C G. Dante's Comedy as Self-Analysis and Integration, 1959 104  
Heydt, V. von der. Alchemy, 1959 105  
Vann, G. Misunderstood Morality, 1959 106  
Castillejo, I de. The Rainmaker Ideal, 1959 107  
Griffiths, E.F. Psycho-Somatic Medicine, 1959 108  
Howes, E.B. Son of Man - Image of the Self, 1960 109  
Dale-Green, P. The Symbolism of the Toad, 1960 110  
Franz, M-L von. Dreams of Themistocles and Hannibal, 1960 111  
Cox, D. God and the Self, 1960 112  
Rawson, W. Theology, Psychology and Religion, 1961 113  
Hannah, B. The Religious Function of the Animus in the Book of Tobit, 1961 114  
Castillejo, I de. The Older Woman, 1961 115  
Gordon, R. The Role of Self Awareness in a Changing Culture, 1962 116  
Fordham, M. The Self in Jung's writings, 1962 117  
Fowles, B. Guilt and the Layman, 1962 118  
Fordham, M. An Evaluation of Jung's work, 1962 119  
Hobson, A. Symbols of Transformation in Poetry, 1962 120  
Pye, F. The Soul as a Function of Relationship in Psychology and Religion, 1962 121  
Paulsen, L. The Shadow: This Thing of Darkness I acknowledge Mine, 1962 122  
Castillejo, I de. The Inferior Function, Tranquilisers and Trafalgar Square, 1963 123  
Dale-Green, P. The Archetypal Cat, 1963 124  
Cox, D. Sin, Suffering and Sickness, 1964 125  
Heydt, V. von der. On The Animus, 1964 126  
Burland, C A. The Bases of Religion in Aztec Mexico, 1964 127  
Hillman, J. Betrayal, 1964 128  
Gordon, R. African Mythology: the Origin of Death, 1964 129  
Hobson, R F. The King who will Return, 1965 130  
Kyle, W. The Impact of Psychology on Pastoral Work, 1964 131  
Davidson, H. Barriers to Effective Communication at the Frontiers of Culture, 1965 132  
Allchin, A M. Be Ye Perfect ....., 1965 133  
Duddington, A. The Whole Man, 1965 134  
Heydt, V von der. Modern Myth, 1966 135  
Kraemer, W P. Psychology and Religion, 1964 136  
Meyer, H. Reflections upon the Life and Thought of S”ren Kierkagaard, 1966 137  
Henderson, J L. The Teacher: neither Saviour nor Stooge, 1966 138  
Bryant, C. The Ideal of the Religious Community, 1966 139  
Fordham, M. Psychiatry: Its Definition and Practice, 1967 140  
Cox, D. Psychology and Christianity, 1966 141  
Dossetor, F. Character in Literature and Life, 1967 142  
Fitzgerald, G. The Pattern of the Spirit, 1968 143  
Heydt,V.von der On Psychic Energy, 1967 144  
Holt, D. Hypokrites and Analyst, 1968 145  
Welch, J. Man Looks at Man, 1967 146  
Hobson, A. Shakespeare Looks at Man, 1968 147  
Fowles, B. Separateness: The Meaning of Love and Concern, 1968 148  
Mcnulty, B. & Bishop, B. The Needs of the Dying and The Two Worlds of Christianity, 1969 149  
Kyle,W. The Uniqueness of Pastoral Psychotherapy, 1969 150  
Jeffrey, C. As it Happeneth to the Fool, 1969 151  
Watson, J P. Hotel, Asylum or Reformatory, 1969 152  
Bryant, C.and Welch, M The Psychology of Prayer, 1969 153  
Plaut, A. Analyst at the Crossroads, 1969 154  
Holt, D. Idolatry and Work in Psychotherapy, 1970 155  
Hobson, R F. The Cup and a Note on Story-Telling, 1970 156  
Allchin, A M. Young People, 1970 157  
Birley, J L T. What is the Connection between Religious and Schizophrenic Experience? 1971 158  
Mance, J. A Comparison between Counselling and Analysis, 1969 159  
Cox, D. Reward and Punishment:- Love and Grace, 1971 160  
Dossetor, F. Plato's Influence on Analytical Psychology, 1970 161  
Hillman, J. Schism as Differing Visions, 1971 162  
Micklem, N. On Hysteria, 1972 163  
Bennnette, G. On Feeling Poorly, 1971 164  
Fardon, N. Socrates and the Analysand, 1972 165  
Redfearn, J W T. Parting, Clinging, Individuation, 1972 166  
Fowles, B. Guilt: Rethought, 1972 167  
Smith, S. Meister Eckhart, 1972 168  
Bosanquet, C. Growing Up and Coming Out, 1973 169  
Lambert, K. The Problem of Authority in the Early Development of the Individual, 1973 170  
Champernowne, H I. Creative Expressions and Ultimate Values, 1971 171  
Mance, J. Ecstasy and Enthusiasm, 1972 172  
Fowles, B. The Ethics of the Gospel, 1972 173  
Adler, G. Basic Concepts Of Analytical Psychology, 1974 174  
Kraemer, W.P. The Enemy Within--Without, 1974 175  
Duddington, A. The Enemy Within--Without, 1974 176  
McKay, R. Change and the Unchanging, 1974 177  
Begg, C.M. The Lord of the Rings and The Signs of the Times, 1975 178  
Redfearn, J. W. T. Can We Change? 1975 179  
Jacoby, M. Love Your Enemies, 1975 180  
Courtnay, M. The Changing Role of a General Practitioner, 1975 181  
Cox, D. The Devil, 1975 182  
Bonaventura, L. The Contribution of Analytical Psychology to a Christian Psychology, 1976 183  
Dossetor, F. The Self - A Frontier Concept, 1976 184  
Tuby, M. Holding the Opposites, 1977 185  
Nicholas, J.V. Temenos and Topophilia, 1976 186  
Redfearn, J. W. T. God and the Self, 1977 187  
Robinson, E. The Continuing Vision of Childhood, 1977 188  
Miller, J. The Importance of Failure in Education, 1977 189  
Berry, P. What is the Matter with Mother? 1978 190  
Kroll, U. Women as Spiritual Guides, 1978 191  
Heydt, V von der. and Begg, E. Father, 1978 192  
Pye, F. Aspects of Jewish Prayer, 1978 193  
Holt, D.and Robinson, W. Dreamwork and Prayer, 1978 194  
Bentley, P. The Summer Conference (Oxford), 1978 195  
Robinson, W. & Bryant, C. The Search for Meaning, 1979 196  
Bloomfield, I. A Personal Style of Therapy 197  
Duddington, A. Jung's Concept of the Unconscious 198  
Newman, J. The Golden Candlestick 199  
Costello, J. The Psyche 200  
Tatham, P. Being and Seeing 201  
Curling, C. Physics and the Psyche 202  
Heydt, V von der. Ezekiel and the Vision of the Dry Bones 203  
Cox, D. Two Faiths or One 204  
Holt, D. Jung and the Third Person 205  
Curtis-Hayward, T. Bees of the Invisible 206  
Micklem, N. Playing Consequences 207  
Magone, J. A Study of the Book of Jonah 208  
Dourley, J. P. Jung, Tillich and the Quest for Home and Search for Self, 1982 209  
Tuby, M. The Search and Alchemy, 1982 210  
Shorter, B. Border People, 1982 211  
Gordon, R. The Location of Archetypal Experience 212  
Brieger, J. The Child in the Stone, 1983 213  
Bryant, C. Individuation and Salvation, 1984 214  
Heydt, V von der. Jung and Religion, 1983 215  
Tuby, M. The Shadow, 1984 216  
David, J. Man, Woman and the Self, 1985 217  
Micklem, N. Psychology of the Vow, 1985 218  
Cox, D. 'I Don't need to believe in God', 1985 219  
Raine, K. Poetry and the Frontiers of Consciousness, 1985 220  
Cooper, H. Aspects of Biblical Characters, 1985 221  
Asper, Kathrin. Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul, 1986 222  
Verney, S. The Spirit of the Age, 1987 223  
Stack, F. The Experience of a Poem: Jung and Wallace Stevens, 1987 224  
Papadopolous, R. Adolescents and Homecoming, 1987 225  
Bartz, H. The Divine Child, 1988 226  
West, T.S. Loss and Bereavement: an End and a Beginning, 1988 227  
Werblowsky, Z. The Meaning of Jerusalem to Jews, Christians and Muslims, 1988 228  
Peters, R. Nuclear Initiation and the Sacrifice of Innocence, 1988 229  
Costello, J. Psychosis or Religious Experience:is there a Difference? 1989 230  
Shorter, B. If Ritual Dies, 1989 231  
Schweizer-V'llers, A. Psyche and Spirit in the Protestant and Catholic Tradition, 1989 232  
Maclagan, D. Irony and Sacrilege in Modern Art, 1990 233  
Costello, J. The Shadow Side of Holiness, 1990 234  
Cooper, H. Whatever Happened in the Garden? 1990 235  
Robinson, E. The Power of Art, 1991 236  
Ryce-Menuhin, J. A New Look at Jung's 'Answer to Job', 1991 237  
Freeman, D. Victim Power: the Clinical and Philosophical Paradox of Nazi and Jew, 1991 238  
Hutchison, E. Gospel and Psyche, 1992 239  
Launer, J. Jews, Christians and Family Therapy, 1992 240  
Louth, A. Eros and Mysticism, 1992 241  
Tuby, M. Psychological Aspects of Eros, 1992 242  
Jacoby, M. Anxiety and the Myth of the Dragon Fight, 1993 243  
Sclater, J. E. Carl Jung and the Path of Humility, 1993 244  
Geering, L. The Spiritual Source of our Symbol Systems, 1993 245  
Asper, K. Being-in-Oneself - Being-in-the-World, 1994 246  
Walker, L. The Narrow Gate, 1994 247  
Ryce-Menuhin, J. Jung and the Monotheisms, 1994 248  
Maguire, A. Pride, 1994 249  
Carby-Hall, H. The Feminine Within Orthodoxy, 1995 250  
Jarrett, J.L. Jung and Kinds of Love, 1995 251  
Vogelsang, E. The Relevance of the God-Image in the Creation Myth of Lilith and Adam, 1995 252  
Fitzgerald, J. The Father's Shadow and the Source of the Masculine, 1995 253  
Evetts-Secker, J. 'Noli' and 'Ecce': Discovering Psyche, 1996 254  
Peters, R. The Urge to 'Save the World': an Aspect of the Evolving Symbol in Contemporary Society, 1996 255  
Boulay, S du Pilgrimage and the Sacred Space, 1996 256  
Tatham, P. The Earth as Father, 1996 257  
Moore, S. Homosexuality and the End of the Journey, 1996 258  
Giegerich, W. The Opposition of 'Individual' and 'Collective'-Psychology's Basic Fault, 1996 259  
Micklem, N. A Matter of Life and Death, 1997 260  
Jackson, E. The Archetypal Meal: Eating and Communion, 1997 261  
Newman, J. Life: Winners and Losers, 1997 262  
Karcher, S. Divination, Synchronicity and Fate, 1998 263  
Herbert, J. Yeats and Jung: Similar Visions, 1998 264  
Thorne, B. Julian of Norwich. Counsellor for our Age, 1999 265  
Fawcett, G. Imagination and the Classical Inheritance in Literature, 1999 266  
Holt, D. Sacred Hunger : Exponential Growth and the Bible, 1999 267  
Anderton, M. Saint or Psychotic? Jung and Mysticism, 2000 268  
Dreifuss, G. Hopes and Fears Towards the New Millennium, 2000 269  
Wilmer, Dr. H. When is the Right Time to Ask the Question? A Modern Study of the Quest for the Holy Grail, 1999 270  
Pirani, A. The Four Quartets: T. S. Eliot and the 20th Century Psyche, 2000 271  
Evetts-Secker, J. Orphanos Exoikos: The Precarious Possibility of Wholeness, 2000 272  
Sviri, S. The Obsession with Life: Jung, Khidr and the Sufi Tradition, 2000 273  
Monick, E. What It's Like to Die While Still Living. The Psycho-religious Process of Indifference, 2000 274  
Fitzgerald, J. Vision of Light:The Healing Power of the Numinous, 2000 275  
Grace-Jones, D. The Necessity of Heathcliff - Vengeance and Betrayal in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, 2001 276  
David, J. Pisces into Aquarius: The Evolution of the Christian Myth, 1999 277  
Stein, M. A Changing God Image: What Does It Mean? 2001 278  
Brown, S. The Bible and the Alchemy of Language, 2002 279  
Maguire, Dr. A. The Psychology of the Archetype of the Veiled Kabir: The Genius of C.G. Jung, 2002 280  
Cook, L. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Soul Healing in South Africa, 2003 281  
Ribet, O. Bitterness and Alienation: an Essential Part of the Transformative Journey, 2003 282  
Newman, B. Growing into Womanhood: Becoming a Jewish Woman, 2003 283  
Giegerich, W. The End of Meaning and the Birth of Man, 2004 284  
Stein, M. The Role of Victor White in C. G. Jung's Writings, 2004 285  
Maguire, A. Tears of the Soul as Reflected in the Mirror of the Skin, 2004 286  
Lammers, A. 'The Missing Fourth' in the Jung-White Letters, 2005 287  
Cooper, H. Jacob's Ladder : Gateway to the Soul, 2005 288  
Dourley, J Jung and the Mystical Experience of Nothingness: Religious and Psychological Implications, 2006 289  
Keyston, J A Dark Invisible Workmanship: Living with real loss of myth: Wordsworth, Jung and ourselves, 2006 290  
Harwood, M Discerning the Animus: A study of the Positive Animus inspired by George Eliot's 'Middlemarch', 2006 291  
Shearer, A. Between Psychology and Religion: Mythology as Bridge, 2006 292  
Walsh, C. Laboratories of the Spirit: Soul-making in the poetry of R.S.Thomas, 2007 293  
Hitchcock, J. Descent and Return: A Cosmic Vision, 2007 294  
Hitchcock, J. Living in Time, 2007 295  
Szirties, G. The Poem Sleeve: Civilisation in Transition within the poem, 2007 296  
Cotter, A. Out of Our Minds: Dementia as a symbol of the transitional state of our civilisation, 2008 297  
Ventimiglia, W. The Challenge and Opportunity of Radical Fundamentalism  298  
McLean, J. Teresa of Avila and Depth Psychology  299  
Tacey, D. After Tradition : Closer Encounters with the Sacred  300  
Grace-Jones, D Vengeance not Justice  301  
Tacey D The Hell of Initiation: Jung's Ambivalence toward Modernity  302
Heuer G M 'In my Flesh I shall see God': Body and Psyche in Analysis  303

Freeman D, Schleger M

A Place for the Sacred in Today's World?  304
Bernstein J Borderland Consciousness and the Borderland Personality: the evolution of the western psyche's reconnection with nature.  305
Rose, J, Whan, M. Surprised by Words: Psyche and Symbol in the Wordk of David Holt  306
Zeltzer, C. The Wisdom of the Body in Kundalini, Alchemy and Individuation  307
Mercurio, Robert M The Unknown God and the Inferior Function  308
Abramovitch, H Rabbinic and Pilgrimage Dreams and the Living Symbol of the Tzadik 309
Cooper, H Shadow and Darkness in Judaism 310


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