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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Membership of the Guildmembership

The Guild is always happy to welcome new members, including members from overseas.

Benefits of Membership include:

Free admission to Guild Lectures

Guild Newsletter mailings of Guild news

Advance notice of Conferences and other events

Reduced fees for Conferences and Workshops

Copies of Guild Papers as they are published

Use of the Guild Library

Membership of Guild Groups *

* Please note that some groups may be full or operate an admissions policy. Membership of a Guild Group is therefore not guaranteed.

Guild Membership Categories – Starting September 2016

Membership Category from 01/09/2016

Former Categories

Cost from 01/09/2016

Former Cost


Fellows / Life Members

Life Members



No changes to membership.


London / Overseas

Ordinary London
Ordinary Overseas



No changes to membership.


Ordinary Country



No changes to membership.


Retired London
Retired Country
Retired Overseas


£45,00 London, £35.00 Country, £ 45.00 Overseas

Anyone aged 70 years or over at the date of joining or renewal is entitled to Retired Membership irrespective of where they live. All those currently holding Retired Membership will be honoured.

On Benefits,
Same Address As

Full-Time Students
Reduced Fee
some Joint Members*


£25.00 students, £10,00 benefits

Students and those on benefits are now grouped into a single category.
See below for an explanation of Same Address as & Joint Members.


     Current Joint Members
From 1st September all members will be regarded as individual members, not joint.
To mitigate the otherwise substantial increase in the cost of their membership the following approach has been adopted.
One of the current joint members must be in the appropriate non-joint category – London/Overseas, Country, Retired, Discounted.
Anybody else
living at the same address as that member may join or renew their membership at the Discounted rate.

Current Joint members living in London or overseas will in future be asked to pay £70 (£50 + £20)
Current Joint members living in the Country will in future be asked to pay £60 (£40 + £20)
Current Retired Joint members (London, Country, or overseas) will be asked to pay £55 (£35 + 20)
Current Joint members who are also students or on benefits will be asked to pay £40 (£20 + £20)



Postal Membership Application

   Membership form for postal application (New Members need to complete an Application Form)


Membership subscription using PayPal (Renewals Only)

Type of Membership

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