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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

The Guild Library

The Guild Library holds approaching 500 titles that specialise solely in Jungian analytical psychology and spirituality. as well as recently published works. Library items are only available to current members of the Guild.

The Guild Library was initially set up in 1947 when the Guild inherited a substantial library of books from Rev William Peacey, a founder member of the Guild. Such was the significance of this collection, that it was decided to establish the position of Honorary Librarian, a post that survives to this day.

Recent difficulties in storing the Library led Council reluctantly to decide to reduce the number of books held. It was also recognised how easily available many of the later titles are through the internet, and paying for storage of these books could no longer be justified. In 2010 book sales were held at the Oxford Conference and Thursday lectures, and many members were able to purchase those books which the Guild could no longer accommodate. In addition to basic texts, the Library still holds many volumes that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

The Guild Library is now housed at the West London Synagogue, and will be available to members by contacting the Librarian. The full list of books still held by the Guild can be found by clicking on the links below.

The current Guild Librarian is Geraldine Healy (see ‘Contact Us’)


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