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Saturday 11th JANUARY, 2pm – 4.30pm

‘Hard’ and ‘Trampled’: Religion’s Cruel Twins


Venue: Essex Church, to include tea and cakes

The lecture will explore the way religion’s claims to revealed authority can lead on the one hand to cruelty and on the other to a kind of locked-in syndrome that makes it almost impossible to respond creatively to changes in humanity’s experience of moral evolution.

Richard Holloway is the author of more than twenty books including Godless Morality and Between the Monster and the Saint: Reflections on the Human Condition. His latest book, Leaving Alexandria: A Memoir of Faith and Doubt, was published by Canongate in March 2012. He was Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church till he stood down in 2000. He has officiated on various committees dealing with questions of ethics and genetics and has a keen interest in the arts. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, receiving its Gold Medal in 2008. A frequent broadcaster, he has presented a number of television series, including Holloway’s Road, The Sword and the Cross and Art and Soul. He regularly presents Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway for BBC Radio Scotland.

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firestripThursday 6th FEBRUARY

Modern Paganism and Witchcraft

Speaker: Prof. RONALD HUTTON

Over the past sixty years Paganism has emerged as one of the most important and sensational clusters of newly appeared religions in the modern world, and witchcraft as the most important single component within it. This talk is intended to introduce people who have only slight acquaintance with such religions to their basic varieties, their nature, similarities and differences. It is also designed to interest those who possess deeper knowledge by making analyses and comparisons, which may highlight unfamiliar aspects, and deepen an appreciation of their nature.

Ronald Hutton is Professor of History at the University of Bristol, where he has worked since 1981, after serving as Fellow of an Oxford college. He is the author of fifteen books and sixtyfive essays, and a Fellow of four learned societies. He regularly features in newspapers, television and on the radio.

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writing from darknessThursday 6th MARCH

Writing from Darkness


Imagine writing from darkness, from the night. We will take a few steps along the path of those who have written from darkness, reading excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen, St. John of the Cross, and Ettie Hillesum. We will look at how C.G. Jung wrote from darkness in The Red Book and we will see how we can effectively imagine writing from our own night.

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Susan Tiberghien is an American-born writer living in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a degree in Literature and Philosophy and is the author of three memoirs: Looking for Gold, A Year in Jungian Analysis; Circling to the Center, An Invitation to Silent Prayer; Footsteps, A European Album, and most recently the bestselling book, One Year to a Writing Life, Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer’s Art and Craft.



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blakeThursday 1st MAY

The Satanic State


In his final completed work, Illustrations of the Book of Job, the artist and visionary William Blake gives an elegant summary of his philosophy concerning ‘the state of Satan’ and its connections with destructiveness, imagination and the inner world. The ‘state of Satan’ continues to be of central im-portance to humanity today because it confronts us with perennial personal and social questions about the nature of evil. Carol Leader will engage with Blake’s response to ‘Satan’ and will make links with Jung’s concept of The Shadow.

Carol Leader is a senior member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation and a member, training therapist and supervisor for the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy. She supervises both supervi-sors and MA students at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. Formerly a successful actor and presenter, Carol lectures and teaches in a variety of settings and consults in business and the arts

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SATURDAY 17th MAY 11.00 - 4.30,


The Psyche-Body Connection as understood by C.G. Jung

Judith Harris

Jung often said that it is not only possible but probable that psyche and soma are intimately and mysteriously connected, such that they are in fact one and the same thing. In our modern world it appears that these ideas are gradually being unravelled in various fields of medicine and neuroscience. Are these disciplines compatible with Jung’s theories of the unconscious? We will look specifically at the space where psyche and matter meet – the space between two worlds, which both touches and does not; what we may call the subtle body.

Judith Harris is a teaching and supervising analyst at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP) in Zürich, Switzerland, in addition to being the Pres-dent of the Philemon Foundation. She earned her first degree in piano perfor-mance from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University and then studied Holistic Medicine. A graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich (1999), Judith is also a certified yoga teacher, having authored Jung and Yoga: The Psyche-Body Connection (Toronto: Inner City Books, 2001) as well as various articles on the psyche-soma connection

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Thursday 5th JUNE41J6RP0NMBL. SY445

Jesus and the Goddess: The secret teachings of the original Christians

Speaker: TIM FREKE

The Gnostic myths of Jesus and the Christian Goddess Sophia will be explored, suggesting they are initiation allegories that symbolise the path to the mystical state of gnosis. A revolutionary new understanding of the true message of ancient Christianity will be suggested, which can still bring profound transformation to us today.

Tim Freke is a philosopher and the author of more than 30 books that have been translated into 15 languages, including The Jesus Mysteries co-authored with Peter Gandy, which was a top 10 international bestseller and Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year'.


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Saturday 12th JULY, 2.00pm-4.30pm

AGM - Members Only


A time to reflect on and celebrate the year


Venue: Essex Church, with tea and cakes







Worcester College, Oxford

Through the Spaces of the Dark

Karin Jironet and Luigi Zoja

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Thursday 2nd OCTOBER

Mary Magdalene - a Symbol of Evolving Consciousness


In recent years the image we have of Mary Magdalene has come into question as historians and theologians have revisited ancient texts and early church history. She has been portrayed as a prostitute, penitent sinner and devoted follower of Christ. The extraordinary success of Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, where she was claimed to be the bride of Christ, seems to mirror a collective need for a change in our relationship to the divine feminine. This talk will explore the role of her evolving image as an expression of this changing consciousness, which can be understood in the alchemical process as the transformation of the unconscious hermaphrodite / monstrous couple into a conscious androgyne as represented by the sacred marriage.

Penny Culliford is a professional Member of the Association of Jungian Analysts, having originally trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. She has a particular interest in Psychology and Spirituality and has been a member of the Guild for many years. She has a private practice in SE London.

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legionSATURDAY 18th OCTOBER 11.00 - 4.30,


A Cause for a Home? Human rights of the soul as a new symbol of identity for the uprooted global citizen.

Kristine Schellinski

Globally mobile, uprooted individuals might lose connection with where they belong, losing touch with their cultural complexes, even feeling at risk of losing their identity. Many “citizens of nowhere have adopted a "cause" for a home in an attempt to find a new sense of belonging in their work. In order to prevent burn-out, post-traumatic stress disorder or depression the projection of personal or cultural complexes onto such a "cause" must be made conscious. Identifying with universal human rights can confer a new identity and re-anchor the uprooted, provided the adopted values are mirrored within the soul of the individual. The promotion of human rights can thus be reflected in rights that we confer on our-selves, our self or our soul.

Kristina Schellinski born in Freiburg, Germany, received MAs in both Political Science and Literature. After working for UNICEF in New York and Geneva 1983-1998, she trained at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich. Kristina is a Teaching Analyst and Supervisor of the International School of Analytical Psychology, Zürich and has worked in private practice in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1999.

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Good vs. Evil 600Thursday 6th NOVEMBER

God's Involvement with Evil: Jung and Balthasar - a dialogue.


This talk brings together the work of Carl Gustav Jung and Hans Urs von Balthasar, to critically compare their ideas on the perennial question of God’s involvement with evil. The talk culminates with a study of each man’s understanding of the central event of Christianity, Christ’s death on the Cross and his descent to the dead, and discusses how Balthasar’s ‘vertical’ and Jung’s ‘horizontal’ approaches to this major happening can be held together fruitfully.

Les Oglesby read Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford and Theology at Cambridge and worked as an Anglican priest since the late 1970s. He retired as Director of Ministry in the diocese of Ely in 2012 and is an honorary Canon emeritus of Ely Cathedral. He was awarded a Lambeth PhD in 2012, and is a past Chair and member, Cambridge Jungian Circle.

solsticeThursday 4th DECEMBER

Winter Celebration

Mulled wine and mince pies included

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