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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Lecture Programme 2011

The Living Symbol

The theme of our talks this year is taken from Gerhard Adlerʼs book ʻThe Living Symbolʼ (1960), in which he discusses the dreams and visions of one woman and demonstrates C.G.Jungʼs method of working towards healing and individuation.

The Guild pamphlets by Gerhard Adler are

    5      Consciousness and Cure (1939)

  43      Psychology of the Atom Bomb (1946)

174     Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology (1974)


Saturday afternoon 8th January

Surprised by words:

Psyche and Symbol in the work of David Holt

Speakers: Jessica Rose and Michael Whan

Venue: Essex Church, 2-4.30pm, with tea & cakes

Members of the David Holt Online Group will sponsor discussion and a plenary session following the talks. Michael is a member of IGAP, a Jungian analyst in private practice in London and St Albans. He has published poetry and papers in Spring Journal, Chiron, and Harvest. Jessica is a pastoral counsellor who supervised with David Holt for 10 years. She is a lecturer and author of Sharing Spaces: Prayer and the Counselling Relationship (2001)


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Thursday 3rd February

A potterʼs tale: individuation and creativity

Speaker: Chuck Schwartz

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Chuck analysed with Marie Louise Von Franz during his training at the C.G.Jung Institute in Zurich. He is a member of IGAP and works as a Jungian analyst and potter in Devon. In this talk he will discuss individuation and the creative path illustrating his talk with examples of his own work.

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Thursday 3rd March

The Living Symbol suffocated by dead metaphors: an experiment in reviving the language of Jung on religion

Speaker: Jeremy Young

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Jeremy is an Anglican priest working as a Systemic Family Therapist in private practice. He is a past Chair of the Guild and author of The Cost of Certainty, and The Violence of God and The War on Terror.

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Thursday 7th April



Celebrating C.G. Jung in the 50th anniversary year of his death

Thursday 7th April 2011

7.30 pm Wine Reception and  8.15pm Lecture

Transcendence – the Missing Fourth 

the speaker will be

Murray Stein

Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London  W8 4RT
nearest tube Notting Hill Gate



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Thursday 5th May

How do we understand our denial of the impending ecological disaster?

Speakers: Joan Crawford and Chris Robertson

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Joan and Chris will explore a third possibility, between the heroic endeavour to save the world and the narcissistic exploitation of its resources, requiring acceptance of our capacities for destruction and rescue without impulsive action. Joan is a psychotherapist and trainer at Re-Vision and a facilitator of the ʻBe the Change Symposiumʼ. Chris is also a psychotherapist and has taught about the ʻSoul in a collective contextʼ since 1978. He is training director of Re-Vision and co-author of Emotional Needs.


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Saturday afternoon 14th May

Art, dreams and active imagination

Speaker: Professor Joy Schaverien

Venue: Sarum Hall School, 15 Eton Ave NW3, 2-4.30pm nearest tube: Swiss Cottage, (7 minutes walk)

Fee for members and visitors £12, students £8, with tea & cakes

We have a larger space for this event because Joy will encourage creative participation following her talk. She is a Jungian analyst, a member of the SAP in private practice in Rutland. A Professor Associate in art psychotherapy at Sheffield University, she also teaches in Copenhagen. Her most recent book is The Dying Patient in Psychotherapy: Desire, Dreams and Individuation (2002).


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Thursday 2nd June

Archetypal symbolism and the creative journey

Speaker: Carola Mathers

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Carola is a Jungian analyst and professional member of AJA in private practice in South London. She teaches and supervises for various Jungian analytic and psychotherapy trainings and has a long term interest in Tarot. She will illustrate her talk with some of her own paintings.



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Saturday 2nd July 2011


Review of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology

 Venue: Essex Church

2:00pm - AGM

We will recollect the past year and hold our AGM (Our constitution requires that each year one third of the trustees resign. Any member wishing to become a trustee please contact Caroline Payton Tel. 020 8671 3942)

3.15pm  Tea and Cakes


Continuing at

3:40pm - The Quincunx: an image of the Self in the ʻCrowning with Thornsʼ by Hieronymus Bosch

Speaker: Dr Pamela Tudor Craig


Pamela is an art historian specialising in medieval art. She will explore the hidden meaning of the fifth in this XVI century painting & comment on its relevance today




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Friday 26th - Monday 29th August 2011

Summer Conference

The Healing Symbol

Speakers: Henry Abramovitch and Robert Mercurio

Further details

Henry Abramovitch is president of the Israel Institute of Jungian Studies and in private practice in Jerusalem. He will speak about Healing Dreams as part of the pilgrimage process and about Rabbinic texts on personal and cosmic healing. His previous talks to the Guild were about violence and the restoration of brotherhood. Robert Mercurio holds degrees in philosophy and management and he trained at the C.G.Jung Institute in Zurich. He teaches in Switzerland, practices in Rome and his paper Imagination and Spirituality is in Spring 82 (2009)


Thursday 6th October 

Working with Jungʼs gift: the Living Symbol

Speaker: Clare Julien

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Clare was an architect before she became a psychodynamic counsellor & Jungian analyst with AJA. She is in private practice in Chelsea & will talk about psychic repair through attention to dreams & living images.


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Thursday 3rd November

The symbol of the double: an exploration of twinship in myth and psyche

Speaker: Rabbi Helen Freeman

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm

Helen has been a member of the Guild for 30 years. She is a Jungian analyst with IGAP, Rabbi at the West London Synagogue and tutor of trainee rabbis at the Leo Baeck College. Her first talk to the Guild addressed the topic of the Shechinah, the feminine indwelling presence of God.


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Thursday 1st December

Winter Celebration

Playing with seasonal and Jungian ideas

Venue: Essex Church, 7.30pm, all welcome to mince pies

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